Breskens Marina (Jachthaven Breskens B.V.) The Marina dates from the end of the 1940s. Following the Second World War, the county's steamboat service (P.S.D. (Provinciale Stoombootdienst)) needed a landing stage for its vessels. This landing stage, in the form of a pontoon, was connected to the mainland by a bridge and was located near to where the bunkering boats are now moored. The local pleasure yachts were moored behind this landing stage. At this time there were only about five yachts. The owners included Jaap Maas, yacht builder, Verschoor the Harbour Master, and Notary v.d. Hoek. There were also a couple of private fishing boats.

Some years later, a new mooring was acquired at the start of the landing stage in use by the commercial fishing boats. The number of pleasure boats had now increased to six or seven. From 1954 the Marina was able to make use of the whole west side of this jetty. Assisted by donations from local restaurants, plus 1500 Guilders from the Brussels Royal Yachting Club, washed-ashore pine, life rafts etc. were purchased. With the help of all local sailors, the first marina was completed.

The Marina was opened with festive celebrations in the presence of many visiting yachts, mostly from Belgium. There was now space for about 100 boats. Some time later we were able to purchase a number of pontonnier boats. Two of these were turned into a solid jetty. Following removal of the neighbouring swimming pool and dredging of the area behind the Oosthavendam, a new accommodation was created for the private fishing boats. The pontoons were gradually improved.

Initially, second-hand piping was used for floats. Later the Marina bought a new piping system, which is still in use today.
The latest development was expansion of the Marine in the direction of Port Scaldis in 1994. This increased the Marina's capacity to 580 moorings and approximately 80 private fishing boats.

Since this expansion, the Marina has been almost continually full. This means that we are now working on the possibility of a further expansion in the future.


Oosthavendam 3
4511 AZ Breskens