Start of the 1950's

The Marina of Breskens was established at the beginning of the 1950's. Originally without a legal owner, but at a later stage possessed by the Foundation 'Jachthavenbelangen Breskens' and eventually owned by the Jachthaven Breskens B.V. After the Second World War, the P.S.D. ferry service in Breskens had a large pontoon as their temporary mooring place, which was connected to the shore by a bridge. Behind that large pontoon, local recreational yachts started to dock. In those first years, only a few yachts and a couple of sport fishing boats moored in the Marina of Breskens.

"Our first Marina became a reality"

After a number of years, a new docking place was designated for the recreational yachts, at the fishing pier. By then, the number of recreational yachts had increased to approximately six or seven. In 1954 all of the west side of the fishing pier was designated for recreational yachts and sport fishing boats. With the help of donations from local restaurants and the Bruxelles Royal Yachting Club, equipment such as lifeboats and washed up spruce could be bought for the Marina. Thanks to those donations and the help of all local sailers, the first Marina in Breskens became a reality. The opening of the Marina was celebrated with grand festivities and a large number of visiting yachts - mainly from Belgium. About 80 boats could dock in this first Marina.

"The demand kept growing..."

The Marina was taken over by the city council of Breskens in 1982, due to available subsidies. These new owners invested in the building of a clubhouse and several pontoons, after which the Marina was sold back to the original water sports enthusiasts in 1988.
After clearing away the old swimming pool, the space after the Oosthavendam was dredged and became a new docking place for the sport fishing boats. Gradually, the pontoons were improved. The water sport of sailing thrived and the demand for permanent berths grew bigger.

Developments over the last couple of years

One of the last developments in the Marina was the expansion in 1994, in the direction of appartment buildings Port Scaldis. Because of this expansion, the capacity of our Marina grew to 580 berths and approximately 80 docking spaces for sport fishing boats. Almost immediately after this expansion and until this day, the Marina is fully occupied. Therefore, we are working on new developments to improve and expand the Marina again.