Marina Middelburg

The Marina of Middelburg is situated behind the Dam of Middelburg and reachable via the canal through Walcheren. This canal connects the Westerscheldt to the Veerse Meer. Over the water and on the wharfs, you’ll find picturesque bridges and beautiful historic buildings, among those are many former warehouses from the seventeenth century.

The Blue Wave offers recreational sailing a fast passage over the canal through Walcheren in both directions eight times a day. This Blue Wave is applicable over the course of the whole year.


Address: Balkengat 35, 4331 HH Middelburg
Telephone number: 0118 638 861
E-mail address:

Facilities Marina Middelburg

The attractive city harbour is located in the historic heart of Middelburg, which means that from the harbour, you’ll walk right into the cosy streets of this beautiful city, where you’ll find lovely stores and great restaurants.

The location for clubhouse ‘De Kemel’ is particularly special. It is situated in one of the five remarkable historic warehouses from the seventeenth century, which in Holland was known as the ‘Golden Age’. The building is over 300 years old and marked as a national monument. In this clubhouse, you’ll find restaurant ‘De Prins op ‘t Witte Paard‘, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) and a laundromat.